UAN Status – Check EPF UAN Activation Status

UAN has evolved as a great way to check the PF balance and also for availing all other provident fund related services. Today, it is possible to check the balance of the provident fund account and transfer the funds from one account to another with help of the Universal Account Number. All these services are delivered via Members Portal of EPFO.The system also enables you to download the passbook and it can also help the employer in checking the history of employment of the employee.

To avail any of the services, it is necessary for you to meet some of the basic conditions which are mentioned below –

  • You must have your UAN and if you do not have your UAN then you can retrieve it with help of the portal.
  • Your UAN must be active and if in case your UAN is not active then you need to activate the UAN before you can avail the services to withdraw or transfer PF.
  • Apart from this, you must also have your KYC documents linked to the UAN. This is in addition to the bank details which should be linked to the UAN.

Today, we are going to talk about the activation of UAN and with help of the procedure, you can also retrieve the UAN.

Know Your UAN Status

So, here is the process to check the EPF UAN Activation Status

Steps to Check EPF UAN Activation Status

EPFO India – The first part of the process is to visit the EPFO’s Official website. The website has all the necessary links to the member’s portal, employer’s portal,and other necessary information. A quick google search can take you to EPFO portal and you can also follow the link mentioned below

EPFO India –

Employee Portal –Now you need to visit the employee portal of EPFO and you can do so by clicking on Our Services. Once you click on Our Services, a drop-down menu will be displayed and click on For Employee. A new page will now be displayed. You can also go to the Employee Portal by clicking on the link below

Employee Portal –

Member Portal / Online Services –In the next step, you need to go to the Members Portal. To go the member’s portal, scroll down on the page and under the Services Tab, click on Member UAN/Online Services. It is also possible to access the portal with help of the external link mentioned below. The Member’s Portal will now be displayed on a new page.

Member Portal URL –

Know Your UAN Status – You are now on Member’s Portal and on this portal, scroll down and go to the section of Important Link. In this section, click on Know Your UAN Status. This link will take you to a new page wherein you can check the status of your UAN. In addition to this, the link can also help you in retrieving the lost UAN. Access the link directly by going to the link mentioned below

Know Your UAN Status –

Entering the Details – A form would now be displayed on your screen and you need to enter some of the information in this form. The primary key to finding the UAN number is the PF Number, Aadhaar Number or PAN. You can enter any of these three things and once that is done, select the Radio Button next to the field entered by you.

In addition to the details entered above, enter your Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number,and Captcha Code.

Authorization Pin – You would now have to click on Get Authorization Pin after entering all the details. This button will trigger an OTP request and an OTP will be sentto your Mobile Number linked to UAN. In addition to this, you will be taken to a new page where you will be able to enter your OTP.

Validation and UAN – Once you validate the OTP received by you, you will receive a text on your mobile number. This text would contain your UAN Number along with the activation status of the UAN. This is how you can check the UAN along with the status.

If you were trying to retrieve your UAN then you have your UAN with you know and at the same time, you also know the UAN status now. If in case, your UAN is inactive, you can go ahead and activate your UAN with help of the Members Portal. It is required to activate the UAN as you get your first password only after activation of the UAN. You can later on login to your account after the activation and it must be noted that it takes about 6 hours for the password to be synced with the portal which needs to be accessed while checking the passbook.


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